Lower Body Lymphedema

Lower Body Lymphedema can include lymphedema in one or both legs, groin, or feet. Unfortunately there is no cure for primary or secondary lymphedema, but our team at Ricky Knowles Hair & Wellness can help you rediscover your mobility by creating a customized lymphedema treatment and compression plan for you.

After a lymphedema diagnosis, it is imperative that you get measured by a certified compression garment fitter. Although there are compression garment shops who claim that they can fit you for a garment, be sure that the fitter has the specialized training necessary to fit you properly in the appropriate garment. Ill fitting garments can cause major setbacks in your progress towards maintaining the condition.

Our certified ABC/BOC compression fitter, Kristen Knowles is a pioneer in the lymphedema management community. She is known to trouble shoot the most difficult lymphedema swelling cases, creating a reputation as a relentless warrior in customizing the best compression garment solutions available.

Kristen has fitted active iron man marathon participants with custom compression garments that allow them to have the most in flexibility and mobility. She's also helped avid travelers with garments specifically designed to enable them to fly comfortably.

We carry the latest lymphedmea advanced technology compression garments available including: JoviPak, Tribute, Sigvaris, Jobst, Medi, Farrow, CircAid, Juzo, Lymphedivas and more.

We also have certified massage therapists and treatment specialists who can assist you with MLD and limb bandaging. Our goal at Ricky Knowles Hair & Wellness is to help you succeed in your self-care management.

Our insurance specialist will even submit your claims and serve as your patient advocate, ensuring that you receive your full insurance benefits.

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Barbara Willhouse

"After surviving Ovarian cancer, I developed secondary lymphedema in both of my legs. It really killed me to not be able to play with my daughter. I was misfit by several other compression garment fitters around town and my condition worsened. Thankfully I found Kristen and she was able to get me back on track. My mobility and confidence are now soaring!"

- Dr. Barbara Willhouse, DVM
Ovarian Cancer Survivor & Mom