Hair Loss FAQ

Is a Synthetic wig a better option for me?

Synthetic hair is great for a woman that wants as little maintenance as possible or a less expensive alternative. Synthetic wigs hold their style much longer than human hair and are much easier to clean. With synthetic hair there are many choices when it comes to color, but it may be difficult to find a close color match. Most women who choose synthetic hair wigs end up settling for a color other than what they are used to. The color on synthetic wigs cannot be changed. New technology has given us more comfortable and realistic options such as full hand tied caps and high heat synthetic fiber like "Biolon", but there are still limitations to what you can do at home.

Is a human hair wig best for me?

Human hair is probably the most popular and most expensive type of wig but it is also the most versatile. Unlike synthetic hair, human hair can be custom colored to match your hair to the color you had before the hair loss. With human hair your style is very flexible and can simply be changed with the same styling tools you are accustomed to using on your own hair. With human hair you are not limited during everyday activities the way you can be with synthetic.

At what point should I purchase a wig?

The best time to purchase a wig is right after your doctor prescribes your treatment. You will definitely want to purchase your wig just before or just after you start chemotherapy. It is also helpful to bring photos of how your hair has looked in the past so we can re-create your look before starting chemotherapy.

Am I going to lose my hair after taking chemotherapy?

Hair loss is usually the number one concern for women when undergoing chemotherapy. We know that almost all women will lose some or all of their hair during treatment. Different drugs have different effects on each individual. Drugs such as Cytoxan usually cause only mild thinning. On the other end we know most women taking stronger drugs such as Adrimycin and Taxol usually result in complete hair loss. To find out your hair loss probability, speak to your doctor before you begin treatment.

Will Ricky Knowles Hair and Wellness file my insurance claim for me?

Yes, after clearing your coverage we can file the claim for you. Our insurance specialist will make sure that your claim is paid to your maximum benefit. Please call our insurance specialist to assist you with any questions you might have.

Will my insurance cover my wig?

Many women fortunate enough to have exceptional coverage find that their insurance will cover a cranial prosthesis. This, however, is on a case by case basis. Different policies cover different things. Some companies will cover 100% some will only cover 20% and some will cover nothing. By supplying us with the proper information we can call your insurance company and find out if your wig is covered.

How long will I have to wear my wig?

The amount of time you will be in your wig depends on the number of treatments you receive and your comfort level. Most women start losing hair 14 days after the first treatment. You will continue losing hair until about three weeks after your last treatment. On average most women wear their wig for about a year. If you are comfortable facing the world with a shorter style, your time in the wig can be cut in half. These days with technological advancements in hair pieces and hair extensions you could be out of your wig even sooner.

Should I choose a different color and style when I choose my wig?

The side effects of chemotherapy, especially the hair loss, are hard enough to deal with. Most women find it hard to adjust to a new color or new style in everyday life. Wearing a wig is also a very difficult transition to make on its own. Combining the stress of treatment with the hair loss and shopping for a wig can be extremely overwhelming, even on the best of days. The best thing to do is re-create the style and color of your hair before beginning treatment.

I have heard a lot about lace wigs on the internet. Is a lace wig a good option for me?

No, it is probably one of the biggest mistakes women make when purchasing a human hair wig. The "full lace wigs" and some of the "lace front wigs" made popular by celebrities are the most realistic product available, but these wigs require strong tapes and adhesives to attach them to the scalp. Most of these tapes and adhesives can cause severe irritation to the skin while the chemotherapy is in your system. Any specialist that tells you otherwise probably does not have much experience working with medical patients. It is important to buy from a salon or store with knowledge and experience with medical patients.

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