Rediscover Life Everyday

At Ricky Knowles Hair & Wellness, we help our clients rediscover life every day. Whether you are experiencing hair loss, suffering from lymphedema, or in need of post-mastectomy solutions, our #1 priority is your care and comfort in achieving a better you! Whether you or a loved one is searching for hair loss solutions, lymphedema chronic swelling solutions, or mastectomy solutions, Ricky Knowles Hair and Wellness is here to help you rediscover confidence. A husband and wife team with over 40 years of combined specialized training, we offer our clients exclusive access to the latest advances in mastectomy, hair loss and lymphedema products and services.

Client Testimonials

As an Alopecia sufferer for half of my life, I've tried just about everything to combat my hair loss. The wigs available in traditional wig shops were big, hot and uncomfortable. My self-esteem was battered before I found Ricky Knowles Hair & Wellness. My new wig is breathable, silky soft and fits like a glove. I love it!"

Judy Joseph,
Occupational Therapist

Ricky's services have changed my life, giving me an increased love for my profession and the confidence to put my best face forward to a very judging industry. I couldn't live without them!"

Stefan Golubovuc,
Professional Ballroom Dancer

Ricky has worked with me as my hair loss progressed over the years due to alopecia. I am now in a total hair system and have never been more confident. The system is great, that I can easily participate in every activity of daily life without worrying about my hair. And the best part is that the maintenance routine is very simple."

Sharon Azar, Ph.D.,
Education Consultant

At my first appointment with Ricky Knowles Hair & Wellness, I found out that the compression garments that I was wearing did not fit my properly. Apparently, the other garment fitter that I was seeing did not measure me correctly. My new garments look and feel great! I now have a night compression garment that has helped even further reduce my swelling. I am so happy to have a great team working with me!"

Mary Davenport,
Breast Cancer Survivor & Artist

Being diagnosed with cancer is traumatic, but losing your hair to chemotherapy is like adding insult to injury. Ricky searched the world over to find the perfect human hair wig for me, even matching my natural grey hair color! My custom-fit wig is so realistic that even my whole family couldn't tell that I was wearing a wig!"

Rosemary Herron,
Breast Cancer Survivor & Pink Phurree Dragon Boat Team Member