At Ricky Knowles Hair & Wellness, we help our clients rediscover life every day. Whether you are experiencing hair loss, suffering from lymphedema, or in need of post-mastectomy solutions, our #1 priority is your care and comfort in achieving a better you!

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The Most Advanced Hair Loss Solutions:

  Men's Hair Replacement
  Women's Hair Loss
  Children's Hair Loss
  Alopecia Hair Loss
  Trichotillomania Hair Loss
  Cancer Treatment Hair Loss
  Hair Extensions
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Lymphedema Mobility Solutions:

  Upper Body Lymphedema
  Lower Body Lymphedema
  Lymphedema Treatment
  Lymphedema FAQs
  Lymphedema Compression
  Traveling & Compression
  Pregnancy & Compression
  Venous Insufficiency & Compression
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Post-Mastectomy Solutions:

  Post-Mastectomy Treatment
  Post-Mastectomy Products
  Post-Mastectomy FAQs
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