Hair Loss Products

Laser Hair Therapy

The least invasive way to stop hair loss and regain some of the hair you’ve lost. This is most commonly used by men and women who are in the beginning stages of hair loss. Results vary and can take months to see new growth. Lasers are commonly used in conjunction with a hair loss product regimen including shampoos, scalp treatments, vitamin supplements and Minoxidil.

Hair Pieces

This is the most common and easiest method to disguise hair loss for both men and women. Hair pieces allow the user to control their appearance and style because they can be custom made for fit, color, style, texture and density. With technical advancements in materials and craftsmanship it is possible for men and women to restore their natural hair without the cost, invasiveness or pain of a hair transplant.

Hair Extensions

As many women age their hair becomes thinner and finer. When this happens it makes it difficult to achieve longer hair styles. Hair extensions can be an easy and quick alternative to cutting your hair into a shorter style to gain thickness, control texture and increase length. With several types of attachment methods and numerous textures available hair extensions are an affordable solution for many women. Use caution when attaching hair extensions to damaged or fragile hair as it may lead to increased damage.


Covering hair loss or troubled hair with a wig has been around for centuries. We customize human hair and synthetic hair wigs to meet the needs of the most discerning women. Our award winning wig specialist understands and plays a role in the wig making process. This enables us to create custom hair loss solutions for chemotherapy hair loss, alopecia hair loss, and Trichotillomania hair loss. Our goal is to duplicate the hair that you’ve lost so you can go about having a normal life without missing a beat. Our dedicated insurance specialist can assist you in filing for reimbursement of all or a portion of your wig.

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