Cancer Treatment Hair Loss

When a woman is diagnosed with cancer her world is rocked off its axis. And frequently treatment involves surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, which can result in hair loss. Often women find hair loss from chemotherapy treatment more emotionally devastating than the diagnosis of cancer itself.

At Ricky Knowles Hair and Wellness, we set ourselves apart from other traditional wig shops because we are in the hair duplication business.

We provide a supportive and discreet environment for all of our clients; hair loss, mastectomy or lymphedema clients.

Our dedicated team will help guide you through your hair loss by:

  • educating you about the effects of chemotherapy
  • educating you about when to expect hair loss to occur
  • verifying and billing your insurance
  • assisting you in choosing the right cranial prosthesis for your lifestyle
  • prepping your new hair for delivery
  • serving as your extended support system

Since our goal is to duplicate your natural hair and style, our clients look good and feel good with Ricky Knowles Hair & Wellness by their side!

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“Being diagnosed with cancer is traumatic, but losing your hair to chemotherapy is like adding insult to injury. Ricky searched the world over to find the perfect human hair wig for me, even matching my natural grey hair color! My custom-fit wig is so realistic that even my whole family couldn’t tell that I was wearing a wig!”

Rosemary Herron, Breast Cancer Survivor & Pink Phurree Dragon Boat Team Member
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Call today for a free initial consultation: 713-623-4247.
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