Women’s Hair Loss

There are a number of reasons why women lose their hair. The number one reason for women’s hair loss is “Androgenic,” which is usually due to hormonal imbalances. That’s not to say all women with hair loss have hormonal issues but many do, so if you start experiencing hair loss a trip to your Gynecologist for a hormone test would be the first step in identifying the cause of your hair loss.

Another reason women lose hair is daily maintenance medication. Be sure to read the list of side effects on your prescriptions. Quick weight loss is something else that causes women to lose hair. There are also a number of medical and psychological conditions that cause or result in hair loss such as pregnancy, There are many medical conditions that can contribute to your hair loss including: Iron or zinc deficiency, an excess of vitamin A and even a thyroid imbalance.

Ricky Knowles is an industry leader in hair duplication and replacement. Styles, cuts, products and skill unite to give each of our clients an immediate sense of comfort and confidence at the hands of an award-winning platform stylist and industry instructor.

Our team has helped thousands of women (and men) from all over the world find customized hair loss solutions. Our hair duplication techniques are unparalleled to others in the industry.

We set ourselves apart from other traditional wig shops because we are in the hair duplication business. All of our consultation rooms are private and are equipped with the best salon hair styling equipment available.

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“Ricky has worked with me as my hair loss progressed over the years due to alopecia. I am now in a total hair system and have never been more confident. The system is great, that I can easily participate in every activity of daily life without worrying about my hair. And the best part is that the maintenance routine is very simple.”

Sharon Azar, Ph.D., Education Consultant
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